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Congratulations Aastha Kini (India), for winning MIT's "App of the month" (December 2022)

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Young Explorers

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Our young explorers get to understand, appreciate, and interact with computers around them. They program robots and understand how to talk to computers (code), in age-appropriate computer languages like Blockly or ScratchJr. They explore basic computer science concepts like algorithms, sequencing, & debugging, while also honing their general literacy, logical reasoning, and spatial awareness skills. Their imagination is further triggered, as they link traditional & digital art expressions to create their own characters, backdrops, and stories in Scratch Jr. This fun-based program is activity based and completely hands-on.  

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  • Learn computational concepts like algorithms, sequencing, loops, & events
  • Program conditionals and apply data manipulation concepts (variables, etc)  
  • Understand game development and design user interface
  • Develop a foundation in Computational Thinking – a powerful thinking process 
  • Apply concepts learnt to create projects with MIT’s Scratch® Programming Language
  • Appreciate software-hardware relationship using MakeyMakey® micro-controller interface
  • Have a lot of fun programming robots, creating games & stories, and collaborating with peers 
  • Multiple algorithms to simulate robotic solutions, like treasure hunt, drawing shapes, autonomous vacuum learners, etc.
  • 6-7 simple projects of progressive difficultly to apply and extend concepts learnt 
  • 1 multi-screen digital story of choice, including its story-boarding 
  • 3-4 games based on his/her interest, using muti-conditions, variables, etc. 
  • Design and develop a self-conceived multi-player/multi-level game  
  •  A hardware controller to interact with games
  • A capstone project (game, solution, etc) using all concepts learnt, and present to an audience 


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