Python: The reliable language for AI and ML

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Python: The reliable language for AI and ML
Mar 24, 2023

With the increasing availability and use of data, there is a huge increase in the need for artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is observed and even stated by many professionals in the field that Python is the most used and trusted language for machine learning and AI. There are multiple reasons why Python as a programming language is popular for AI and ML.

Easy to Learn and Use: Unlike other programming languages, Python is close to English and easy to learn and apply. This allows ease of use and adaptability for any starter, even if they are doing it for the first time.

Wide Range of Libraries: Python offers vast libraries and pre-written codes, which makes it extremely easy to modify and apply as needed. Matplotlib, Keras, and Panda are a few examples of libraries in Python that aid in AI and ML.

Flexibility: Python allows scripting, recompiling, and combining it with other platforms, which allows a lot of flexibility and experimentation for AI and ML, making it the ideal choice for all advanced inventions.

The Versatility of Python: Python as a platform is really versatile because it can be used with multiple platforms. MacOS or Windows, Linux or Unix, and Python can be used on any platform with the same flexibility.

Community Support: Python in ML and AI has an active community of researchers and coders, which makes it easy to learn and get the best resources. The community provides learning materials for beginners and pros, making it quite easy to connect and keep learning.

All these advantages make Python stand out from other programming languages and make it one of the most trusted languages for AI and ML.

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